Rainbow Reels New Volunteer Gaythering

It is a new year, a new you and it is time to get involved! Who wants to organize a rad Queer and Trans Film/Arts festival in KW?! YOU DO!

On January 23rd, from 7- 9pm we are asking folks to come out to the gaythering of the month at the Treehaus in Kitchener. We will be talking about the Super Gay Cabaret that we will be hosting this summer, and the two day festival that we are looking to run in October. We want to hear your ideas, how involved you want to be, while also having a great time.

Some ways you can be involved: film curation, cabaret production, zine fair organizing, design/publicity/outreach, web and social media, DECOR!..

Rainbow Reels is the longest running LGBTQ+ event in this Region, and its objective has been to increase awareness of the many issues that permeate the greater queer and trans community by providing content which spans a diverse range of subject matter and genres. The festival is for those who live outside the prescribed hegemony of gender binaries, those whose sexuality doesn’t fit neatly onto a spectrum or within a heteronormative world, and those just too gay for this planet.

We will have bus tickets available, and you can message us if Child Care is a need you have. The Treehuas is a fully accessible space, and we are asking folks to keep it a scent free space. Please let us know if you have any other accessibility concerns.
We will have some snacks and tea available also.

-Suzie, Hannah, Janice, Ethan